Carbon Dream spa is happy to announce that it won, with the 13th position in the green ranking, the RSI line 2 , a project facilitated by the Region of Tuscany, "Strategic research and development projects" call for aid for investment in research, development and innovation for companies pursuant to Decree DD n. 3389 of 30/07/2014 Tuscany Region.

Acronym for carboNTex
Running Period from 1 March 2017 to 30 August 2018
CHEMISTRY AND NANOTECHNOLOGY Sector - green supply chain

Development of nanocomposites based on carbon nanotubes
The research carried out has obtained the result of producing nano composite carbon fiber products structured with carbon nanotubes, also using recycled raw material (LCA). The mechanical resistance of a manufactured article in composite material depends on numerous factors, the most important of which are the strength of the interatomic bonds of the construction material and the absence of structural defects in the crystalline lattice. Since these bonds are the strongest currently known in nature, it follows that the nanotubes are characterized by a very high mechanical strength. In theory, a fiber consisting only of carbon nanotubes is not only the most resistant ever made, but even the most resistant achievable in absolute terms. It has been calculated that the theoretical Young module of a nanotube can reach up to 4 TPA and that its tensile strength can reach about 220 GPa: 100 times higher than that of steel. The brilliant final result achieved by the research team is the realization of a prepreg fabric with epoxy resin added with carbon nanotubes for the production of helmets.
Researchers of the R & D project were:
Scientific manager Dr. Ing. David Benedetti
Technical manager Ing. Goffredo Meschini
Responsible research organization Tor Vergata University of Rome Prof. Ing. Fabrizio Quadrini
Senior Project Manager Dott. Jacopo Agnelli

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