Carbon Dream spa is happy to announce that it has won, with 103 total points, the tender RS ​​- POR ERDF 2014-2020 N. 2 adopted by decree no. 7165 of 24/05/2017 of the Tuscany Region.

Beneficiary subject: CARBON DREAM SPA - Project title: ADVANCED MICRO CAR ELECTRONICS - Acronym: MI.CA.EL.A.

Project start date: (11/01/2018) duration 18 months

Realize a micro car, with two seats, with shell in biocomposite materials, with electric propulsion and high electronic equipment on board for safe and eco-sustainable urban mobility. The micro car will be made in two versions, one with carbon-look carbon shell and the other in bio-composite linen and / or denim-like cotton, to demonstrate on the one hand the high flexibility of the working processes for the realization of composite shells, on the other hand the high performance achievable with these advanced bio materials both in terms of mechanics (strength, weight reduction) and of aesthetic yield and customization for the user. In both versions the microcar will have a high technological content in terms of electronics for digital traction control and vehicle dynamics, sensors, man-machine interface with the possibility of remote monitoring of the state of charge of the accumulators, connection in the vehicle network. The use of carbon will give a high added value both in terms of high structural strength with reduced weights (with benefits in terms of energy efficiency), and of aerodynamic and aesthetic performance. The project also includes the construction of a car shelter / garage with photovoltaic tiles with rechargeable battery for the electric car with off-grid system in order to define a mobility system with zero emissions. For the accumulation of energy both on board the electric vehicle and for the shelter / charging box will be used lithium batteries of the latest generation and electronic systems with advanced algorithms for intelligent management of energy flows and monitoring of charge status and predictive diagnostics. Taking advantage of an Internet-of-Things approach, it will be possible to implement a wireless network for V2X connectivity (vehicle to everything), among whose nodes there are the photovoltaic shelter / box, the minicar and the remote control unit, for ensure remote monitoring and management of all elements of the network. The technologies developed in terms of shelving of the shelter / box with photovoltaic cells, storage systems and intelligent energy management, traction and electrical actuation systems, M2M (Machine to Machine) and HMI (Human to Machine Interface) connectivity, advanced materials carbon / biocomposite, have potential applications in terms of intelligent machines, mechatronics and advanced robotics, for digital industry scenarios (4.0). This research, due to the relevance of the problems faced, assumes the characteristic of pure Public Benefit (complete indivisibility in the socio-economic benefits and not full exclusivity from the advantages deriving for each citizen) and of Meritorious in the economic meaning of the term as formulated by Musgrave in 1957 (good that the State and / or community must safeguard consumption beyond the "short-sighted" individual preferences of individual consumers). It will be recalled from the studies of Political Economy that this is a "classic" case of "microeconomic bankruptcy / lack of equilibrium" of the market, and that therefore the State and / or the Region and / or the EU must necessarily intervene; so the regional intervention is well under co-financing with the EU.

Researchers of the R & D project are:
Scientific manager Dr. Ing. David Benedetti
Technical manager Ing. Sandro Ganugi
Responsible research organization University of Pisa DII Engineering Faculty Prof. Eng. Sergio Saponara
Senior Project Manager Dott. Jacopo Agnelli

Via F.Melotti, 16 - Loc. Sambuca
50028 Tavarnelle, Val di Pesa (Fi) - ITALY
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