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Our Philosophy

Our philosophy relies on a continuous cycle which started 25 years ago with aftermarket parts. Our experience and R&D is the backbone of any project that we take onboard - we can rely on our expertise to work hand in hand with our clients in order to meet their needs, allowing a co-engineering to guide the project from idea to manufacturing, while being flexible whenever needed. The results come from an established design process which can be formed to the requirements needed by the client, and the reassurance of receiving parts conforming to the desired standards thanks to a process of accurate quality control.

Composite Tooling and Moulding

Carbon Dream’s clean room hosts several experienced laminators. After the parts have been laminated, they are moved to the autoclave area. We also offer different composite manufacturing methods such as hot plate press, light resin transfer moulding, resin infusion and soluble mandrels. This latter method is perhaps the most revolutionary, it allows the manufacturing of complicated parts often presenting undercuts, making the parts impossible to make using the standard methods of production.

Storage, Kit Cut, Traceability

Our proven and standardised method of manufacturing starts off with storing the pre-preg materials - delivered to us in rolls by our suppliers and customers, we have one large refrigerated area at -20 degrees Celsius of about 100 sqm. This room is equipped with alarm systems which will let us know if there are any anomalies with the fridge, such as a rise in temperature. Our monthly use of pre-preg is currently about 2000 sqm of material. We also have a second fridge at 0 degrees Celsius where we store the ply kit for each part - the laminators’ work begins here.
There is a special team preparing the kits as specified in the laminating manuals. For the first produced part one of our more experienced laminators will cut the kit by hand following the laminating manual, while optimising the size of each ply to respect aesthetic, dreapability, and structural requirements. Once the first kit is ready, it gets scanned into the system which automatically optimises the nesting which then gets cut on one of our two CNC kit cutters.
For every component that we manufacture, no matter the client or the industry, we produce a document which records every detail regarding the materials, processes and operators associated with it. This document allows us and our clients to ensure that the parts have been manufactured according to the instructions given. The records for every part are stored for 10 years.

Paint & Lacquering

Carbon Dream can also take care of any painting/lacquering (carbon look) of parts. Our full vehicle paint booth is ideal for small production or prototypes, and if needed we can also get the support of our external paint supplier for tackling larger batches for both colouring and carbon look parts.

Quality & Inspection

We benefit from two quality control rooms where the quality control engineers will inspect parts along different manufacturing stages. The first room is where initial quality checks are performed, starting from visual and manual checks, with the option of also performing more complex quality checks such as ultrasound and other forms of NDT. Here the technicians will look for defects, cracks, and fibre misalignment. A full technical report can also be produced if the customer wishes so - this is often the case for important structural components. The second quality control room is a bigger area where finished components are brought to for further visual and dimensional checks. Here we will see finished machined parts, final assemblies, bonded assemblies, prior and post painting, before everything is finally delivered to the client.


Get in Touch

If you have ve a project where you are considering utilising advanced composites, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We are lucky to have a team who can deliver based on experience and practical knowledge, honed by years in the industry. We are continually working on new ideas and technology, because we know what we do today will not be good enough to be competitive tomorrow!

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