Who We Are


Company Founding

Started from humble beginnings thanks to Fabrizio Ippoliti’s passion for motorbikes. He bugun manufacturing aftermarket parts for himself, specifically for his Ducati bikes. He soon realized the potential of the advanced composites market and decided to start his company selling aftermarket parts for a niche but growing clientele.

Continuos Growth

After a couple of years of starting his business, Carbon Dream become the official supplier of carbon fiber parts for Ducati due to the quality of the products which were voted to be the most popular amongst motorbike enthusiast.

Continual Investment

This success with Ducati inevitably led to other clients such as Lamborghini and Dallara which pushed Carbon Dream to pursue for better equipment, skilled labour, and even higher quality products. This has also been reflected not only in the long list of clients, but also in the qualifications obtained and in the machinery in which Fabrizio heavily invested throughout the 25 years of business.


Our design office is equipped with 8 project engineers ready to assist you with any requests you may have. All skilled CAD designers using Catia V5, we can support you fully with the design of components, from concept to detail design, including mould tooling, any trim or bond jigs, cores, laminating manuals, and assembly drawings.
A co-engineering can also be established depending on the size and complexity of the project. If you have an idea and you want us to develop it, then we have the right people for you. From initial design ideas to detailed engineering and FE analysis, we have the confidence of tackling any projects with our partners.

Our Deliverables

Today the company is still family owned with a current turnover of about 10 million Euros per year, primarily coming from the automotive sector - about 70%. The company has continuously grown in size, now occupying 6000sqm of space with about 80 employees across all departments.
The ambition for bigger and more challenging products has pushed Carbon Dream to develop an expertise for specific sectors within the automotive, motorsport, and aerospace/defense industries - this expertise is reflected across all departments, starting from the experienced personnel from laminators to trimmers and designers, and of course to the latest technology offered on the market.


Why Choose Us


Of composite manufacturing supporting customer from design to production of tooling and parts


Indicate the level of work that we produce in terms of composite manufacturing and post processing


To innovate together with our customers within the composite industry and beyond


  • Carbon Dream ISO 9001 The Quality System is a powerful lever to increase our competitiveness and the perceived value of products.
  • Carbon Dream IATF TS16949 A standard that sets the requirements for an Automotive Quality Management System (QMS).

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50028 Tavarnelle, Val di Pesa (Fi) - ITALY
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